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Looking for a dulcimer? Got one to sell? Just send me the information and a picture or two and I'll add it to this page. Look me up on the "Contact Me" link to the left.

Don't have a way of getting pictures to me thru the web? Just let me know.





Below is a school in Kentucky with a request to help out with a dulcimer grant.


Greetings from Walton, KY:

My name is Sister Margaret Mary.  I have been teaching music at St. Joseph Academy for 19 years.  On March 9, 2006, I started the Singin' Strings Dulcimer Club at our school.  The mission of the SSDC is to spread the love of dulcimer playing. We are trying to find sponsors (funding or instruments) who would be able to help us fulfill our dream.  Our goal is to acquire 30 mountain dulcimers for our school. For additional information please visit our school website: (click on "dulcimer club") or go directly to our page:  Thank you very much for your consideration. 

God bless you,

Sister Margaret Mary, S.J.W.


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                          ~John 3:16


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